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Tattletail/FNAF/Teen Titans RP

When an unknown villain collided the worlds and destroyed the worlds of Tattletail, FNAF and Teen Titans into one world, the characters from those three worlds have to get revenge on the villain.

General RP rules
romance is allowed (straight, LGBT)
DO NOT take reserved characters
6f is my RP moderator, he can accept people as well.
Mangle is genderless, all Puppet versions are male, Springtrap is male, Bonbon is male and Bonnet is female for this RP.


Purple Baby Talking Tattletail: me
Blue Baby Talking Tattletail:
Red Baby Talking Tattletail:
Yellow Baby Talking Tattletail: Smt
Orange Baby Talking Tattletail: 6f
Green Baby Talking Tattletail: 6f
Black Baby Talking Tattletail: Leobear
White Baby Talking Tattletail:
Mama Tattletail: Rainbow

Freddy: me
Bonnie: Smt
Foxy: me
Golden Freddy: me
Toy Freddy: me
Toy Bonnie: me
Toy Chica: Rainbow
Mangle: me
Puppet: me
BB and JJ: Smt
Springtrap: Smt
Phantom Freddy:
Phantom Bonnie:
Phantom Chica:
Phantom Foxy:
Phantom T. Freddy:
Phantom T. Bonnie:
Phantom T. Chica: Rainbow
Phantom Mangle: me
Phantom Puppet:
Phantom BB and JJ: Smt
Nightmare Freddy: me
Nightmare Bonnie:
Nightmare Chica: Rainbow
Nightmare Foxy: me
Nightmare Fredbear: Leobear
Nightmare: Leobear
Plushtrap: 6f
Nightmare BB: me
Nightmare Mangle: me
Nightmarionne: 6f
Nightmare Toy Freddy:
Nightmare Toy Bonnie:
Nightmare Toy Chica: Rainbow
Jack-O-Freddy: 6f
Jack-O-Bonnie: me
Jack-O-Chica: Smt
Jack-O-Foxy: me
Jack-O-Fredbear: me
Nightmare Cupcake: Rainbow
Pumpkin: Smt
Circus Baby:
Funtime Freddy: me
Bonbon: me
Funtime Foxy: me
Lolbit: me
Yenndo: me
Bonnet: me
Electrobab: me
Minireena 2: me
Ennard: me

Teen Titans:
Robin: 6f
Starfire: Rainbow
Raven: me
Beast Boy: 6f
Terra: reserved for SweetTrap
Slade: me
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