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About Tattletail

Tattletail is a horror game made by Ben Esposito and Geneva Hodgson released on December 28, 2016. The game involve the player having to take care of their Talking Tattletail that they opened 5 days before Christmas, and also avoiding the blood thirsty Mama Tattletail.


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Tattletail has a very mysterious story, which can quickly become confusing. Our goal on this wiki is to keep the information as clear and precise as possible to avoid confusion or rumors. Please be sure to read the Rules and Guidelines for more before you begin editing. Thank you!

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  • AgentParadox

    Draft:The House

    June 21, 2017 by AgentParadox

    The House is where the majority of Tattletail takes place. It is also where the Protagonist lives with their mother.

    The sitting room is where the hairbrush can be found. It is also where the player o…

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  • AgentParadox

    Here at the , while our main goal is to try and document everything about the game, we also have to ensure that all information is clear, written properly, and most important of all valid. Additional…

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  • AgentParadox

    Manual of Style

    June 14, 2017 by AgentParadox

    Simply put, I'll likely create a Manual of Style in addition to the regular rules page, to further clarify the most common spelling and grammar errors, though it may become an extended rules page, wh…

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